Sunday, October 28, 2007

Leek Town 2 Gateshead 2

Two goals conceded in the first ten minutes left a shell shocked Gateshead team battling to get any sort of foot hold in the match.

The first half was a real test of fans nerves with lacklustre and off the pace players running round like headless chickens. What ever Gateshead’s match plan was went straight out the window and players panicked every time the ball came to their feet.

The midfield in the first 15 minutes was a shambles, with Jamie Harwood having to be replaced with 15 minutes on the clock. Steve Bowey came on to shore things up but the damage of the early goals had been inflicted by Leek Town.

The HEED ARMY Blog is not in to naming and shaming players as any player is a Heed shirt is to be supported to the full. This why the Blog will praise the two stand out performers from the first half, Craig Baxter and Davie Southern didn’t put a foot wrong but were let down heavily by their team mates.

Ian Bogie must have gave the hairdryer treatment to his players and told them some home truths at half time, as the second half seen the Gateshead team return to the pitch a few minutes early.
Whatever Ian Said worked as the passing game that has seen Gateshead start the season so well returned to the side and the fight back started.

Davie Southern got on the end of a good Wayne Phillips cross to head home from the 6yard box to bring the Gateshead fans back to life.

Graeme Armstrong headed home a defected Phil Cave Shot to get a share of the points.

At the end of the day the Gateshead players will have to take a long hard look at themselves, and ask did we play to the full????
Sorry lads but you know the answer, you didn’t.

A really case of points dropped not a point gained!!!!!!!!!

No line up and ratings for this match, as some things are left best not said.
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