Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gateshead 2 Shepshed Dynamo 1

A depleted squad was put out for FA Trophy match against Shepshed Dynamo, with Harwood, Southern, Armstrong and Phillips missing from the starting line up.

Kris Gate opend the scoring for the heed witha well worked goal.

Old timer Paul Thompson started up front with Ian Robson and both had a respectable match, with Thompson Netting a second half penalty.

Thompson should have had 4 goals in the fisrt half and was in fine form in and around the box, the fox in the box hasn’t lost a thing!

Shepshed never really tested Gateshead fully, only having a few chances on goal and one half chnace which they but away in the first half.
The match could be described as scrappy and uneventful at times, a typical early round of the FA Trophy some would say.
If the Heed had of played as full strength side the score could have easily been that of a cricket score, as Shpesheds defence was not strong and could have been ripped apart from Southern and Armstrong.

Yet another red car for the heed this season came for Davie Southern in the last moments of the match.
Verbally abusing the referee’s assistant sore him receive a straight red card.
Add Southern suspension to Salvins and we have two very important players missing from action for silly red cards that could have been avoided.

Line up and Rating:

Allison 6
Solid performance

Baxter 7
Followed on from Wednesdays game, great form

Talbot 7
Mr reliable

Curtis 7
Like a Brick wall
Flynn 7
Starting to regain top form

Gate 8
Great goal, fitted into the heed side like and old pair of under pants, very comfy

McClen 7
Average for his standards

Bowey 7 (Captain)
Showed some of his classic runs from midfield

Salvin 6
Wasn’t involved as much as normal

Thompson 8
The old master showed how to battle

Robson 6
Plenty pace, but sometimes runs out of idea’s


Cave (Not Used)
Hughes (Not Used)

Phillips 6
Some nice darting runs down the left

Armstrong 6
Put himself about

Southern 3
Has to learn to control temper and understand the referee word is final!!!

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