Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hall Of Fame: Derek Bell

The Man:

Derek Bell not only played for the mighty Heed Army but he saved it, but first lets talk about his playing days.

Derek was at Newcastle Utd before a a bad knee injury made him drop out of the full time ranks. The injury happened at Against Manchester Utd reserves at Old Trafford. but this didn't stop him from carrying on in the game, all be in in Non-League.

Derek made 321 appearances for the Heed Army and scored 48 goals.

The Saviour:

Well in the hearts of the Gateshead fans one man spearheaded the Fight for survival, Derek was Manager at the time when the administration at the time felt they could manage to keep the club going.

Most managers of football club's would have walked away saying "i couldn't do anything", but not Mr Bell. With the bit between his teeth Derek worked tirelessly to get business men interested in the Tynesiders.

Derek left the Management side of the club to look after running the club and became Chairman.

His hard work paid off with finding now new Chairman Mr Wood to help run matters with the club.

The Heed Army and the blog would like Thank Derek for all of his hard work at the club, which still continues to this day.

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