Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Matlock on Saturday

Hopefully Gateshead can get a second straight win in the league on Saturday to Matlock town.

Gateshead could be set to be without schemer Steven Istead, as he limped off in last Saturdays game with Guiseley in the FA Cup.

Loan player Michael Rea could return to the starting line after no being able to play in the FA Cup as Hartlepool Utd didn't want to get their player cup tied. Other Loan player Richard Logan (on loan from Darlington, pictured below) could make his home Debut at the international Stadium on Saturday as well.

Also the word round the camp fire is that Former attacking midfielder Nicky Scaife (son of Dunston Fed manger Bob) has returned to the the club. Nicky had signed for Gateshead in pre-season, but returned to Whitby Town soon before the season started.

The Heed Army Blog predicts a 2-1 Win for Gateshead.

(photo thanks to Private Rowan)

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