Thursday, February 08, 2007

Staff Profile: Derek Bell

Gateshead FC Player and Staff Profiles

Name: Derek Bell

Age: Well past the come back!! (After the Emmerdale match)

Position: Chief Executive (plus any other duties)

Favourite ground you have played at: Old Trafford

Favourite football player of all time: Paul Gascoigne

Bast player you
have player against: In training Peter Beardsley, you could not get the ball off him, pure brilliant. Clive Allan when at QPR, scored a fantastic hat-trick at St James Park.

Favourite film: One flew over the cuckoo's nest

Favourite music group/artist: 1st "THE HEED ARMY" and 2nd U2

Message to the Gateshead fans: The loyalty the fans showed to myself and the club over the past few seasons has been superb. The Chairman, Board of Directors and Tony wish to thank you for your support. We are working tirelessly to bring in a team to move up the pyramid system and put things in place in the background to support this. The forefront of this will be a new stadium! Be patient and keep up you invaluable support. "HEEEEEEEEEEED ARMY"

The Heed Army Blog would like to thank Derek Bell for his time answering these questions.

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