Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goat Frenzy with the HEED ARMY!!!

Here's Billy the Goat with a part of the Heed Army!!!

Private Philly, Billy the Goat, Sgt Young and Petty Officer Percival!!!!


This and the two photo's below taken by Private Goody

Action shot

The Action at Lincoln!!!

It feels like you could be there!!!

Private Goody

Private Goody at Lincoln

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Lincoln 2 Gateshead 4

What a great result for GATESHEAD and what a great day for the HEED ARMY. The trip to LINCOLN by coach can be very long winded but the end result was well worth it with a much deserved 3 points for the lads.

For an away match so close to New Year, the HEED ARMY took a fair few fans and were once again in good voice!

The game started well, with the GATESHEAD looking in fine form. There was only one change made in the side from the Boxing Day game and that was the return of Craig (Nelly) Nelthorpe. GATESHEAD for the first quarter looked the better side and they were rewarded with a goal by Paul (Thommo) Thompson. A superb header that was celebrated with the words “3 more to go”. Let’s hope Thommo can break the record and become the HEED ARMYS all time leading scorer.

LINCOLN responded well and started to get on top of GATESHEAD. A scuffle in the box and a few deflections later, the ball ended up in the net. With the score level at half time the game was there for the taking.

LINCOLN came out in the second half and threw everything at GATESHEAD. They were on top and once again, a scuffle and a deflection led to another scrappy goal. With GATESHEAD now 2-1 down, the long coach trip home was starting to dawn upon me.

But the Boxing Day change in the side proved to be a match winning decision by Tony Lee. It was now time for the young Craig (Nelly) Nelthorpe to turn on the heat and with two top class strikes; Gateshead found themselves 3-2 up in no time. Nelthorpe's goals were both strikes across the box, beating the keeper in the bottom corner. His second rattled the net and it hit home that this young lad has got a massive future ahead of him. He truly is a class act!

GATESHEADS forth came from the work horse himself “Davie Southern”. This lad’s work rate was once again superb and at last he got to slot one home and celebrate in style with a Kilinsman style dive into the corner flag! Southern was taunted all day by LINCOLNS two big centre halves, but he was rewarded in the end and nearly made it 5 with a shot that rolled past the post by inches near the end of the game.

In summary, GATESHEAD played with passion away from home and they got a great result. “Jamie Curtis” looked like he was getting back to his best with a much improved performance and “Craig (Over the hill) Baxter” had a great game down the right. Overall it was a whole team performance and lads pulled together, putting the Boxing Day draw to the back of my mind. Bring on Radcliffe Borough next week!

Man of the match: Craig (Nelly) Nelthorpe 10/10.

The Heed Army Blog would like to thank Private Goody for the match report.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gateshead 1 Kendal Town 1

Gateshead didn't make this match easy for them selves, with poor defending leading to long spells of Kendal pressure.

Only three names come out of the game with any respect, for tireless hard work and determination. These three player are:

Paul "THOMMO" Thompson
Worked tirelessly up front nodding great through balls on only to find no support from his midfield.

Steve Salvin
The only midfield player to have put in the effort tracking back to help out.

Davie Southern

Scored a great goal, and whipped in about 10 great balls into the box only to find THOMMO marked by three players every time.

Gatesheads goal came from a poor corner, but Davie southern latched onto the loose ball to power home a fantastic goal from outside the box.

In the second half Kendal got the leveller from a cross come shot that deceived everyone.

Line up and ratings:

Bishop 6
Made some great saves, but never commanded his area

Baxter 5
Wasn't switched on, and bottled several tackles on key areas

Baker 5 (Captain)
Played himself into trouble a few times

Curtis 5
Wasn't much better than Baker

Mason 5
Didn't know he was playing at times.

Talbot 6
For playing out of position did well for himself

Salvin 8
Fantastic never gave up, has to be commended for his effort, The HEED ARMY Blog Man of the Match.

Harwood 6 (Debut)
Showed glimpses of talent

Haigh 5 (Debut)
Never got control of the ball

Thompson 8
Showed his experience

Southern 8
The Shining light in our uninspiring season.

Bogie (not used)
Hanson (not used)
Clark (not used)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas From The HEED ARMY BLOG

The HEED ARMY BLOG would like to wish every reader and member a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year!!!!!

Also a Merry Christmas to all the staff at Gateshead FC, to the players and everyone involed with the club.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The New Blog Badge

The Heed Army Blog is proud to present its own badge.

The Blog would like to thank Wing Commander Robinson for bringing the design to life.

The Badge will be used in match reports and other Articles.


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Gateshead 0 Burton Albion 4

Gatesheads dreams of staying in the FA Trophy got smashed to pieces after Burton went to town on the HEED ARMY!!

A 4-0 drubbing wasn't what everyone was expecting, but its what Gateshead got. Lazy defending and bad errors lead to Gateshead downfall.

Some Players need to have a good long look at them selves after Saturdays match!!!

The Heed Army Blog Man of the Match goes to TONY LEE as he looked at deaths door with flu.

Line Up and Ratings:

Bishop 5
Could have stopped the own goal

Talbot 5
Never got into gear

Baxter 5
Had a mare

Hanson 4 (Captain)
Never looked interested and gave up several times chasing the ball!

Curtis 6 1/2
Unlucky with the own goal, but got his mind back on the job

Johnston 5
Never got much in this game

Nelthrope 6
Had few chances to score, but never hit the onion sack

Hughes 7
Had a goodish game considering the result

Salvin 7
Much the same as Hughes

Southern 6
Got balls to the wings and up front, but was heavily marked

Tarrant 5
Never got in the right area at the right time

Deverdics 5
Couldn't change the game

Thompson 6
Game was over when he came on

Baker 6
Same as Thompson

Swann (not used)
Mason (not used)

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Norway Connection

The Heed Army Blog is Proud to say that we have some new Members in the ranks from European neighbours Norway.

Arvid and his fellow Countrymen visited the heed last season and have been keen followers of Gateshead ever since.

The Norway Platoon is:

Private Arvid
Private Jan
Private Joachim
and last but not least Private Aleksander.

We hope to see the Norway Platoon in the new year!

Also a photo of our boys in Norway should be on the Blog soon.

The Heed in the Europe

Private Baldwin showing off his Gateshead top in Prauge.

It looks like a Shandy in his hand though, the light weight.

Thanks to Private Baldwin for the photo

Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Look to the Past: FA Cup run of 52/53

Gateshead AFC as the club was known then reached the 6th round of the FA Cup in the 1952/53 season.

This is the round by round journey to the 6th round:

1st Round Gateshead beat Crewe 2-0 at Home

2nd Round Gateshead beat Bradford Park Avenue 2-1 Away

3rd Round Gateshead beat Liverpool 1-0 at Home

4th Round Gateshead beat Hull City 2-1 Away

5th Round Gateshead beat Plymouth 1-0 Away

6th Round Gateshead's FA Cup dream came to a end at Home with a 1-0 defeat to Bolton Wanderers.

Two games from Wembley was the team of 52/53, a cup run yet to be matched by any Gateshead team. YET!!!

A Brief History of Gateshead FC

There has been a few teams Under the banner of Gateshead throughout the years, but Gateshead FC 's origins start not in Gateshead but South Shields.

South Shields Football club was in the Football League Div 3 North when they moved to the borough of Gateshead and became Gateshead AFC in 1930.

Gateshead AFC two years later in 1932 failed to clinch promotion on goal difference, Gateshead stayed in the Football League Div 3 for a further 8 years. In 1960 the Tyneside team fell out of the Football League.

After ten years in the Football League Gateshead found them selves in Non-league and spent time in the Northern Premier League between 1968 and 1970.

Gateshead AFC went under in 1973, and reformed when South Shields again moved to Gateshead. This time making Gateshead United and playing at Gateshead International Stadium.

Gateshead had been playing at their own home of Redhugh park before running costs took their toll on the club.

Gateshead United lasted only three season before having money troubles and going under as well.

1977 was the year when the Current Gateshead FC was formed, and had players such as Bob Topping (the Current top goal scorer For Gateshead FC 1977) and Terry Hibbitt play for them in the coming seasons.

Gateshead FC Spent nearly 10 years in the National Conference, the highest any North East Non-League team has ever played.
In 1997/98 season Gateshead were relegated to the Northern Premier league were they have stayed for all but one season.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Frickley 1 Gateshead 1

Gateshead Travelled to Yorkshire on a Cold Decembers evening and managed to get a 1-1 draw with Frickley.

Adam "Magic"Johnston getting the Gateshead goal.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Gateshead 2 Hednesford 3

A game that had everything From goals, bad refereeing and dives that would not have looked out of place in the Olympics.

Gateshead started the game with crisp clean and fast passing to leave Hednesdford chasing the ball. In the 6th minute Gateshead took the lead through a Davie Southern free kick.

Hednesford got level after James Curtis slipped on the box to leave the Hednesford attack open to score.

Gateshead regained the lead with Captain Chris Hanson Scoring before half time.

After half time Gateshead started much the same as the start of the first, but a penalty awarded to Hednesford got the game level again.

Persistent diving from the Hednesford front line never let the game run as before and the referee not wanting to stamp it out.

Gateshead fell to a sucker punch in the dieing second of the match to loose a game they had dominated.

A mass brawl broke out and the referee lost all control of the match, both the referee and his lines man missed hand raised from both sets of players.


Line up and ratings:

Bishop 7
Did well and could do much about the goals

Talbot 8
In classic form

Baxter 9
Ran the show from the right back position
The Heed Army Blog Man of the Match

Hanson 8
Took his gaol well

Curtis 6
Didn't look in top form and was behind the pace at times

Nelthrope 7
Did well and ran his heart out

Salvin 7
Won every header and kept play moving

Hughes 8
Looked tired in the second half, but played was still a key player

Southern 8
Great free kick and all round play

Tarrant 7
Was involved in must attacks but was very deep when needed in the box for all the crosses

Johnston 7
Showed some flashes of last season

Thompson 6
Didn't have the time to make any impact

Mason 7
Claered and important ball

Deverdics (Not used)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gateshead 0 Whitby Town 0

This was a game that never really got going, a stop start ref never let the game flow for either side.

The first half was full of chances for Whitby but very poor finishing left the back of the net without a ripple.

Gateshead had their chance but had the same trouble as Whitby.

The second half was much the same, with Gateshead making a sub at the break. Steven Istead came on for a struggling Adam Johnston.

A bore draw, and Gateshead was lucky to get the draw.

Line up and ratings:

Bishop 7

Came out to clear the ball to many times, where was his defence

Tablot 8

worked very hard

Baxter 6

Didn't really get into this game

Hanson 7

Played well, but to many he was caught out

Baker 7

The same as Hanson

Nelthorpe 7

Looked good but had no body to aim the ball to up front

Johnston 6

Wasn't his day on the pitch

Salvin 7

Played well, but was left out of the game when long ball started

Hughes 8

when he got the ball he used it well

The Heed Army Blog Man Of The Match

Southern 6

Nothing came off for him

Tarrant 6

Much the same as Southern


Thompson (Not used)

Deverdics (not used)

Istead 6

Never got a foothold in the game

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Gateshead 2 Marine 0

Gateshead carried on from last weekend with good win against high flying Marine at the International Stadium.

Simon Bishop made some good saves throughout the match, while at the other end Davie Southern and Neil Tarrant was a hand full for the Marine defence.

Chris Hughes open the scoring with a great finish while running on to a good through ball.

After half time the crowd had a good laugh when the ref tripped over the ball and needed the Gateshead physio to give him treatment. the crowd felt his pain!

Craig "NELLY" Nelthorpe rapped up the game when he was given a great ball from Davie Southern, Nelly powered it past the Marine keeper.

Line up and ratings:

Bishop 7
Was like a brick wall

Talbot 7
Ran like mad, he must have been tired

Baxter 7
did well

Hanson 7
kept them out

Baker 9
His best game in a Gateshead shirt.
The Heed Army Blog Man Of The Match

Nelthorpe 8
Took his goal well, and ran the show down the left

Hughes 8
A midfield general, great goal

Slavin 7
Won every header

Johnston 7
He's getting back to his old form

Tarrant 7
looked Sharpe, due another goal

Southern 8
The ball was his friend in this match

Deverdics (not used)

Thompson 6
Didn't set the pitch alight, but the good time will come with fitness.

Istead 6
wasn't his best appearance

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Match Preview: Marine

Gateshead take on the Merseyside team for the second time this season, in the first encounter Steve Salvin (pictured in the 8 shirt shirt) got Gatesheads goal in the 1-1 draw at marine.

James Curtis will still me be missing from action with a broken toe, and will be a big miss.

The team will be looking to follow up there great win against Workington Reds last weekend in the FA Trophy.
The Heed Army Blog predicts a 2-2 draw.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Bet they catch Cold!!!!

Workington 2 Gateshead 4

Gateshead showed they are no push overs against Workington Reds on Saturday.

After going down 1-0, Gateshead powered their way back into the game with Steve "header"Salvin nodding home the leveller before half time.

After half time Neil Tarrant got the Heed Army in front after great ball control from Chris Hughes.

The Workington goal keeper had a rush of bload top the head and handled the ball out side of his box, and seen the red card.

When Gateshead got the third and the game was all over for Workington, Adam "Magic" Johnston got the goal.

Davie Southern Got the Forth goal and the travelling Heed Army got to see his chicken dance, a true entertainer!!!!

Player ratings

Bishop 8
made fantastic saves

Talbot 7
Had the players he was marking in his pocket

Baxter 7
Whats that coming over the hill ITS CRAIG BAXTER, ITS CRAIG BAXTER!!!!

Hanson 8
lead the team well

Baker 8
Kept them out

Hughes 8
showed a great first touch for setting up the second

Salvin 8
Got the us back in the game

Nelthorpe 8
What can you say the lad is class!!

Johnston 8
he took his goal well and looked the part again

Southern 9
Was in fine form, and his dance was great
The HEED ARMY Blog Man Of The Match, but in truth the hole team deserve the award!!!

Tarrant 8
great to see him get one against his old team.

Deverdics 7
did well when he came on

Thompson 7
classic Thommo, we need him on the score sheet

Istead (not used)
Swann (not used)
Okike (not used)

Photo's from Workington

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

FA Trophy Preview: Workington Reds

The FA Trophy trip to Workington Reds was never going to be a an easy game to go and win, but with the news of a fresh injury to James Curtis (pictured on the left) make the game a harder Battle.

Neil Tarrnat Joined Gateshead From Workington earlier this season is hoping to be fit for the return to his former club. Niel has been suffering from bruised ribs and is surely hoping to put one past the Reds.

Other injury doubts to the weakened Gateshead Team are:
Steve Baker
Ian Clark
Richard Flynn
Davie Southern
Paul Thompson

Former Tynesider manager Tommy Cassidy is the manager of Workington Reds and has started this season well with the reds. Workington are sitting in the top places in the Northern Conference and would be a tough opposition for any conference side never for a Unibond side like Gateshead.

A coach full of the Heed Army is traveling to Workington on Saturday. It is sure to be a great day out what ever the result, but a win would be nice for the Traveling fans.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Gateshead 3 Fleetwood Town 3

Gateshead never really controlled this game and fell behind midway through the first half.

Adam Johnston got the Heed Army Level from the penalty spot after a Fleetwood Town Defender handled the ball in the box.

After the break Chris Hanson went straight through the heart of the Fleetwood defence and only had the keeper to beat but sent the ball across goal to find no Gateshead team mate there.

Yet again Gateshead fell behind after a poor build up play.

Steve Salvin got the Heed Army level once again, but 30 seconds later Davie Southern got Gateshead 3-2 in front with a cracking shot from outside the box. It was moment of pure genius!!!!

Just as before Gateshead's lack of communication let them down and Fleetwood Town got level late on in the game.

We did not deserve to win but did not show enough heart to hold on to what we had!!!

Line up and ratings

Bishop 6
Feet was plated to the spot

Mason 7
His best game so far

Baxter 6
didnt look with it, and let his head drop very early

Curtis 8
Cleared every ball he got to
The Heed Army Blog Man of the Match

Hanson 6
wasnt great but wasnt bad

Hughes 7
Played a classic game, never gave up

Istead 6
His famous tackle was on display

Salvin 7
Took his goal well

Nelthorpe 7 (debut)
Great to see a real winger whipping balls into the box, just a pity there was no one on the end of them

Southern 8
Kept making chances out of nothing, great goal.

Johnston 7
Great to see him on the score sheet

Scaife (not used)
Deverdics (not used)

Okike 6
Didnt really show much

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fleetwood Town Preview

Gateshead Welcome Fleetwood Town to the International Stadium on Saturday Afternoon, Gateshead will be looking to get back to winning ways in the league following last Saturday's heavy defeat to AFC Telford and a draw mid week at Ossett.

Davie Southern the driving force behind Gateshead will be looking to add to his 14 goals this season, after scoring in mid week at Ossett.

BIG James Curtis should return to the centre of defence after serving his suspension in midweek.

Fleetwood started the season on fire with a good run which seen them occupy the top spot for a few weeks, but have slipped down the table of late.

The HEED ARMY BLOG predicts a 2-1 win for Gateshead


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ossett 2 Gateshead 2

Gateshead traveled to Ossett trying to get back to winning ways in the league after a 4-0 Thrashing at AFC Telford in their last league game on Saturday.

Gateshead have the likes of James Curtis (pictured below) and Steve Baker missing through injury.

Gateshead fell behind 1-0, but Neil Tarrant got the leveller (his 5th goal of the season).

Half time score 1-1

Ossett regained the lead after half time.

David Southern got the Scores level again with his 14th goal of the season, coming by the way of a penalty.

Full time score 2-2

Points make prizes, but we need more points!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

AFC Telford 4 Gateshead 0

Gateshead started slowly soaking up the AFC Telford attacks in the first 18 minutes.

Steve Salvin had a free header from a corner early in the first half only to put it wide.

AFC Telford went 1-0 up from a corner, Jones the Telford defender header home the opening goal.

Simon Bishop (pictured below) was keeping Gateshead in the game in the first half with a good command of his box and clearing the ball when called upon.

Half time Score 1-0
After the break, AFC Telford started the better and scored a goal from 30 yards to take the score to 2-0 to Telford. On the hour Telford put the match right out of reach of Gateshead with the 3rd goal, Lee Moore with the 3rd goal.
4-0 and AFC Telford have had the full run of the game.
Lets hope the team can pick them selves up for the next match. HEED ARMY!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Gateshead 0 Sunderland Nissan 1

Poor Game
Poor Ref

As a young boy i was told by my mother if you have nothing good to say, then don't say anything at all!!!!

So I'll use that advise now.

HEED ARMY to all.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Goat at Ashton

The Goat and the Heed Army living it up behind the goal at Ashton Utd.
Photo taken by Private Rowan

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ashton Utd 0 Gateshead FC 1

A wins a win they say, and Gateshead got one.

On a poor pitch both sides struggled to take any kind of hold of the game in the first half.

Simon Bishop was in top form making some great saves in the first half.

Tony lee must have said the right words to the Gateshead players at half time as they started the second half with a fresh fire in there hearts.

Chances fell to Neil Tarrant and Steven Istead in the early spells in the second half, but to no avail.

The brake through came when Davie Southern was one on one with the Ashton Utd keeper and blasted a shot that the keeper but he was unable to get his full hand behind the shot, and the ball trickled over the line for the win.

Line up and ratings:

Bishop 9
Fantastic display from the old timer, nothing was gonna get past him today
The HEED ARMY Blog Man Of The Match

Baxter 7
Did the simple things well, and looked at ease through out the match

Mason 7
Worked hard and made things hard for the winger against him

Hanson 7
Got the ball out of Gatesheads half and out of danger

Curtis 7
Looked very comfortable on the ball, no heart stopping moments at the back

Talbot 8
had a great game in the left wing, got some good balls to the forward line

Salvin 7
Same as ever, never gives up

Hughes 8
Box to box again, will be a big miss when he has his operation

Southern 7 1/2
Wasn't a vintage Davie Southern performance but he kept plugging away and got his 13th goal of the season

Istead 7
Starting to look the part, fitness is coming back

Tarrant 7
Had a few half chances


Clark (not used)
Scaife (not used)

Johnston 6
Came on but the game was in its dying stages, but the 8 or so minutes will help him get back in the swing of things

Swann (not used)
Deverdics (not used)

Ashton Ground

A view of the main stand at Ashton Utd


Some of the Heed Army Support down at Ashton enjoying a pint before the match.

Sgt Barrass

Sgt Barrass looking very tired after a thrilling game at Ashton Utd

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hall Of fame: Lowe

Kenny Lowe had a few stints at Gateshead in Between his time in the football league.

Kenny played for Football league clubs such as Darlington, Birmingham City and Barnet.

Kenny returned to Gateshead in 95/96 season and became player joint/manager in the 97/98 season with Matty Pearson.

Kenny the left to become manager of Barrow the next season, where he is also a legend.

Kenny will always be remembered as play maker and hard worker in midfield.

As manager Kenny would get right behind the team and wave both arms frantically to urge the team on the to pleasure of the home crowd.

A memorable goal from Kenny was when he was taking a corner and he hit it hard and high and the crowd groaned, but the ball curled hard and hit the far post and went in. A fluke but never the less a fantastic goal!!

Kenny Lowe Now lives in Australia and still working in football in Perth

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Gateshead 0 Harrogate Railway 1

A hungry Harrogate Railway team came to the International Stadium on Monday night, in the first half Harrogate Railway looked slightly the better side with some good passing and movement off the ball. 0-0 at halftime.

In the second half Gateshead started to change gear and get a better grip in the game, with Gateshead hitting the wood work on a few occasions. Davie Southern rattled the cross bar mid way through the second half.

The Nail in the coffin was a bit shady to say the least with a Harrogate Railway striker bear hugging Chris Hanson in the Gateshead Box, and got a goal seconds after. The ref did have a white stick moment.
Line up and ratings:
Bishop 7
Made some canny saves
Baxter 7
Had a quiet game compared to games of late
Mason 7 (Debut)
Showed some bite
Hanson 7 (Captain)
Did well through out
Curtis 7
Solid in defence and got the ball out of Gateshead half
Deverdics 7
Not a bad game, had a half chance to scored in the second half
Scaife 7
Did some running in the second half
Clark 6
Wasn't at the races, got an injury in the second half
Southern 8
Made chances and was unlucky not to add to his 12 this season
The Heed Army Blog Man Of The Match
Tarrant 7
Had chances, on another day the net would have rippled
Johnston 7
First start back after injury, still had flashes of pace even though not fully fit, watch this space.
Salvin (not used)
Talbot 6
Came on and did well
Istead 6
Had a good shooting opportunity

Private Spencer

Private Spencer enjoying half time at the Harrogate Railway match.

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Season So far: Player Ratings Part 2

This is part two of a review of the players so far this season, looking at their performances thus far.

To continue the summary:

The Midfield

Nicky Deverdics
Nicky started off similar to Craig Baxter, a little off the pace. After the few games to acclimatise Nicky has become a strong attacking midfield player how never gives up.

Season Rating So Far 7

Chris Hughes

After starting the season on the wing, Chris has moved into central midfield and has become a great Tally's man for the team. A box to box player with plenty of gas in the tank all through a game.

Season Rating So Far 8

Steve Salvin

If there is a ball to chase Steve will chase it, and makes life very difficult for the opposition during most games.

Season Rating So For 7

Steve Istead

Very Versatile player who can play up front or in midfield, but injury's have stopped Steve from getting a long run in the side to show what he can do.

Season Rating So Far 7

Paul Thompson

Paul has become Mr Utility in recent years, but his start to the season has seen injury's also. Flashes of the old Thommo are till there, but needs to play a full game.

Season Rating So Far 7

The Strikers

Davie Southern

A breath of fresh air in the team after years of having no players to change a game with one kick of the ball. Davie has scored 12 goals so far this season and making many goals as well.

Season Rating So Far 9

Neil Tarrant

Neil has come into the side and show his knowledge of the game, on the attacks he brings in his team mate into the play. His powerful shots and headers make him a feared target man.

Season rating so far 7

Kesendu Okike

Mr Hot and cold of late, after a great end to last season Kesndu hasn't been at the races much this season. Lets hope its a minor dip in form

Season Rating So Far 6

(The Photo's of Istaed and Hughes taken by Private Rowan)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Season So far: Player Ratings Part 1

This is part one of a review of the players so far this season, looking at their performances thus far.

To start off the summary:

The Goal Keepers:

Michael Price

Micheal started off well in his first game against Burscough on the first game of the season keeping a clean sheet. and also did very well against a strong marine attack in the following game. Injury has hampered his season after 8 games.

Season rating so far 7

Simon Bishop

Simon is a Keeper with a vast experience in the higher levels of the non-league game. playing many seasons for Barrow. Simon has done well since his late arrival at Gateshead, but he has looked off the pace a little at times with his movement.

Season rating so far 7

Richard Swann
Richard has only made on appearance this season in the Durham cup but did well

Season rating so far 6

The Defenders

Paul Talbot

Paul is in classic form for Gatehead, does his job well and gets forward, due a goal

Season rating so far 7

Steve Baker

Steve's start to the season wasn't the best, he looked out of place in the centre of defence, and soon picked up an injury. After his injury Steve cam back into the side at right back and has looked a class act.

Season rating so far 7

Richard Flynn

Richard started off well playing at right back, after a few seasons at centre back. injury has hampered his season.

Season rating so far 7

James Curtis

This could well be Jame's best season at Gateshead so far, with solid defending and scoring in front of goal.

Season rating so far 8

Chris Hanson
Chris has become a great partner for Curtis at the back and both players cover each other well.

Season rating so far 7

Craig Baxter

Craig started off slow but has become a key member of the Gateshead squad, starting off at right back and also playing on the wing. he has started creating goals as well as helping stopping them being made for the opposition.

Season rating so far 8

Part two will have from midfiled to Strikers reviews.

The Bishop, Curtis, Baxter and Price photo's all taken by Private Rowan