Saturday, December 09, 2006

Gateshead 2 Hednesford 3

A game that had everything From goals, bad refereeing and dives that would not have looked out of place in the Olympics.

Gateshead started the game with crisp clean and fast passing to leave Hednesdford chasing the ball. In the 6th minute Gateshead took the lead through a Davie Southern free kick.

Hednesford got level after James Curtis slipped on the box to leave the Hednesford attack open to score.

Gateshead regained the lead with Captain Chris Hanson Scoring before half time.

After half time Gateshead started much the same as the start of the first, but a penalty awarded to Hednesford got the game level again.

Persistent diving from the Hednesford front line never let the game run as before and the referee not wanting to stamp it out.

Gateshead fell to a sucker punch in the dieing second of the match to loose a game they had dominated.

A mass brawl broke out and the referee lost all control of the match, both the referee and his lines man missed hand raised from both sets of players.


Line up and ratings:

Bishop 7
Did well and could do much about the goals

Talbot 8
In classic form

Baxter 9
Ran the show from the right back position
The Heed Army Blog Man of the Match

Hanson 8
Took his gaol well

Curtis 6
Didn't look in top form and was behind the pace at times

Nelthrope 7
Did well and ran his heart out

Salvin 7
Won every header and kept play moving

Hughes 8
Looked tired in the second half, but played was still a key player

Southern 8
Great free kick and all round play

Tarrant 7
Was involved in must attacks but was very deep when needed in the box for all the crosses

Johnston 7
Showed some flashes of last season

Thompson 6
Didn't have the time to make any impact

Mason 7
Claered and important ball

Deverdics (Not used)

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