Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gateshead 0 Whitby Town 0

This was a game that never really got going, a stop start ref never let the game flow for either side.

The first half was full of chances for Whitby but very poor finishing left the back of the net without a ripple.

Gateshead had their chance but had the same trouble as Whitby.

The second half was much the same, with Gateshead making a sub at the break. Steven Istead came on for a struggling Adam Johnston.

A bore draw, and Gateshead was lucky to get the draw.

Line up and ratings:

Bishop 7

Came out to clear the ball to many times, where was his defence

Tablot 8

worked very hard

Baxter 6

Didn't really get into this game

Hanson 7

Played well, but to many he was caught out

Baker 7

The same as Hanson

Nelthorpe 7

Looked good but had no body to aim the ball to up front

Johnston 6

Wasn't his day on the pitch

Salvin 7

Played well, but was left out of the game when long ball started

Hughes 8

when he got the ball he used it well

The Heed Army Blog Man Of The Match

Southern 6

Nothing came off for him

Tarrant 6

Much the same as Southern


Thompson (Not used)

Deverdics (not used)

Istead 6

Never got a foothold in the game

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