Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hall Of fame: Lowe

Kenny Lowe had a few stints at Gateshead in Between his time in the football league.

Kenny played for Football league clubs such as Darlington, Birmingham City and Barnet.

Kenny returned to Gateshead in 95/96 season and became player joint/manager in the 97/98 season with Matty Pearson.

Kenny the left to become manager of Barrow the next season, where he is also a legend.

Kenny will always be remembered as play maker and hard worker in midfield.

As manager Kenny would get right behind the team and wave both arms frantically to urge the team on the to pleasure of the home crowd.

A memorable goal from Kenny was when he was taking a corner and he hit it hard and high and the crowd groaned, but the ball curled hard and hit the far post and went in. A fluke but never the less a fantastic goal!!

Kenny Lowe Now lives in Australia and still working in football in Perth

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