Friday, October 27, 2006

My First Heed Game: Petty Officer Percival

My first Heed game was nothing to write home about really. October 16th 1996 was the date. Just one day before my 14th birthday. I had been bugging my dad to take me to a Gateshead match. I had no reason to bug him other than I had been to a friendly match pre-season involving Newcastle, Gateshead and Blyth.

I think the Gateshead bug had caught me then (and not surprising when Gateshead had Paul Proudlock in the squad). I loved that game because Gateshead lost 2-0 and Blyth lost 3-0. Each side played 45 minutes against Newcastle. It was my first visit to St James' Park also and I went with my mum.

I still class the October game as my first though. We played Morecambe and lost 3-0. At half time my dad and me moved seats and in those seats we stayed until we moved away from the area a couple of years ago. When we do go back we do sit in those seats though.

I've been going ever since. My first away Heed game was our "local" derby at Halifax on New Years Day 1998 and when we were relegated to the UniBond League that year I was able to go to most away games as well as home.
A big Thank you to Alan for his My First Heed game story (Alan Percival Pictured on the right with Private Walton).
Photo taken by Private Rowan

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