Sunday, October 15, 2006

Gateshead 2 Ilkeston Town 1

A good home against a strong Physical Ilkeston side, but Ilkeston start the better
in the first half.
The Ilkeston Goal came after a shot which Simon Bishop saved but he didnt hold on to it and the loose ball was put in the back of the net by Chris Adam.
Gateshead Didn't get into the game till just before half time when Craig "BECKHAM" Baxter whipped in a perfect ball for Chris Hughes to nod home.
After the break Gateshead started to move through the gears and start to pile the pressure on the Ilkeston attack.
Niel Tarrant opened his Gateshead Goal account to give a good home win for the Heed Army.
Line up and ratings:
Bishop 7
Doesn't look safe when having to move round the box
Talbot 7
Had a easy game, didn't get very far forward
Baxter 8
Had a blinder of a game and set the first goal up with a peach of a cross
Hanson 7 (captain)
Did his Job well
Curtis 8
won every header and commanded the defence
The HEED ARMY BLOG Man Of The Match
Baker 7
Looked better at right back when moved
Southern 8
Did what he does best, runs the game
Salvin 7
Put himself about
Tarrant 8
Got his first goal, and brought other players into play
Rea 7
Again had his chances to put a few away
Hughes 8
Put his Goal away well
Clark 6
Didnt show much after he came on
Deverdics 6
Came on for Salvin
Thompson (not used)

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