Monday, October 30, 2006

The Season So far: Player Ratings Part 2

This is part two of a review of the players so far this season, looking at their performances thus far.

To continue the summary:

The Midfield

Nicky Deverdics
Nicky started off similar to Craig Baxter, a little off the pace. After the few games to acclimatise Nicky has become a strong attacking midfield player how never gives up.

Season Rating So Far 7

Chris Hughes

After starting the season on the wing, Chris has moved into central midfield and has become a great Tally's man for the team. A box to box player with plenty of gas in the tank all through a game.

Season Rating So Far 8

Steve Salvin

If there is a ball to chase Steve will chase it, and makes life very difficult for the opposition during most games.

Season Rating So For 7

Steve Istead

Very Versatile player who can play up front or in midfield, but injury's have stopped Steve from getting a long run in the side to show what he can do.

Season Rating So Far 7

Paul Thompson

Paul has become Mr Utility in recent years, but his start to the season has seen injury's also. Flashes of the old Thommo are till there, but needs to play a full game.

Season Rating So Far 7

The Strikers

Davie Southern

A breath of fresh air in the team after years of having no players to change a game with one kick of the ball. Davie has scored 12 goals so far this season and making many goals as well.

Season Rating So Far 9

Neil Tarrant

Neil has come into the side and show his knowledge of the game, on the attacks he brings in his team mate into the play. His powerful shots and headers make him a feared target man.

Season rating so far 7

Kesendu Okike

Mr Hot and cold of late, after a great end to last season Kesndu hasn't been at the races much this season. Lets hope its a minor dip in form

Season Rating So Far 6

(The Photo's of Istaed and Hughes taken by Private Rowan)

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