Sunday, December 17, 2006

Gateshead 0 Burton Albion 4

Gatesheads dreams of staying in the FA Trophy got smashed to pieces after Burton went to town on the HEED ARMY!!

A 4-0 drubbing wasn't what everyone was expecting, but its what Gateshead got. Lazy defending and bad errors lead to Gateshead downfall.

Some Players need to have a good long look at them selves after Saturdays match!!!

The Heed Army Blog Man of the Match goes to TONY LEE as he looked at deaths door with flu.

Line Up and Ratings:

Bishop 5
Could have stopped the own goal

Talbot 5
Never got into gear

Baxter 5
Had a mare

Hanson 4 (Captain)
Never looked interested and gave up several times chasing the ball!

Curtis 6 1/2
Unlucky with the own goal, but got his mind back on the job

Johnston 5
Never got much in this game

Nelthrope 6
Had few chances to score, but never hit the onion sack

Hughes 7
Had a goodish game considering the result

Salvin 7
Much the same as Hughes

Southern 6
Got balls to the wings and up front, but was heavily marked

Tarrant 5
Never got in the right area at the right time

Deverdics 5
Couldn't change the game

Thompson 6
Game was over when he came on

Baker 6
Same as Thompson

Swann (not used)
Mason (not used)

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