Monday, February 05, 2007

Fleetwood Town 1 Gateshead 0

In a Hostile setting Gateshead found the game hard going, with plenty of incidents.

Key Moments in the game:
Tony Lee being sent off. Fleetwood goal keeper coming in on Davie Southern with high feet outside the box. Davie Southern having his penalty saved. Ref Leaving his balls in the changing room!!!!! (Spoiled it for both side's)

Gateshead started the game with a new formation 352, With new loan signing Pacey in defence along side Curtis and Baker.

Davie Southern was threw on goal when the Fleetwood keeper came racing out the box and seemed to kung fu tackle Davie in the head. the Ref came racing over going for his cards only to show a yellow (Pure disbelief was the fans). once Davie had the blood wiped from his ear, Gateshead Carried on.
Fleetwood's goal came from a sweeping counter attack down the left hand side of the pitch and was slotted home with power.

Soon After Tony Lee seen red after an altercation with Fleetwoods coaching staff.

After half time Paul Thompson came on to replace a Struggling Ian Clark, Gateshead looked a lot better going forward with a target man nodding ball on for Southern and Nelthorpe.

Marc Bell the Gateshead Goal keeper suffered a knee injury while heading a ball clear and landing badly,
Byrne came off the bench to stand in for the injured ball. Warren Byrne also made a fantastic save that got a round of applause from all the ground.

late on in the game Craig Nelthrope was brought down in the box, Davie Southern Stepped up to take the penalty only to see his effort saved by the keeper.

It ended 1-0 to Fleetwood, not a match anyone would like to see.

Line up and ratings:

Bell 7
Hope his injury inst to bad

Curtis 7
Worked well in the back three

Baker 7 (Captain)
Much the same as Curtis

Pacey 6
A Young Lad with a lot to learn, spitting image of Curtis

Baxter 6
Formation didn't help his game

Clark 5
Started poorly, and never got going till late in the first half.

Salvin 7
Covered every blade of grass

Hughes 7
In a packed midfield, did he job well

Harwood 7
Played well, but never stood out

Nelthorpe 7
Would have been a 8 if he stayed on his feet in the box.

Southern 7
Would have been a 8 if he converted the pen, but was heavily marked throughout the game.


Thompson 7
Changed the flow of the game in attack when up front, had two great chances

Bryne 8
Made a Great Save when he went in goal for the injured Bell

Mason (Not Used)

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