Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gateshead 1 Ossett Town 0

A Goal straight from Roy Of The Rovers in the dying seconds of injury time was needed for Gateshead to grab all three points.

Although it was fantastic end to the game the 90 minutes and 30 seconds that came before it were drab and painful to watch.
Ossett Set their stall out well and defended, Looking to hit on the break. This left the game with a lot of long ball being played.

Three of the four Midfielders where not at the races at all leaving Wayne Phillips the only stand out player out on the left. Wayne kept darting down the left and cutting inside causing the most problems for Ossett town. He Didn't look the Same player from his two previous games. A vastly improved performance from his two previous games.

The Second half was much the same as the first with the ball seeing very little of the green stuff and a lot of forehead and boot end.

Its took a great cross from the right wing in the dying seconds from Craig Baxter, GraemeArmstrong (pictured) leaped in perfect timing to meet the ball above all around him to place it in the bottom corner.
A goal that wouldn't have looked out of place in a World Cup Final, Just a pity
the rest of the game was very harsh on the eye's.

With the win Gateshead moved second in the UniBond table, six Points behind Witton.

UniBond Table

1Witton Albion131021306+2432
4Fleetwood Town108022614+1224
6Matlock Town126331715+221
7Ossett Town146261613+320
8Eastwood Town136251514+120
9Lincoln United145451822-419

Line Up and Ratings:

Allsion 6
Had little to deal with

Baxter 8
With Crosses like his Dracula will leave him alone

Cave 6
Never caved in

Flynn 6
With Curtis kept picking up the long ball from Ossett

Curtis 6
Left heart in mouth when he and Flynn both slipped and let the Osset Player through on goal, thank god the Ossett Player had never seen a goal before and did not know what to do.

Phillips 8
Played like he should have in the past two games, the pint sized marvel is back in form

McClen 6
Didnt see much of the ball

Salvin 6 (captain)
Poor for his standards

Harwood 5
The Ball was very much not his friend

Southern 6
The long ball isn't ever going to keeping Southern involved

Armstrong 7
Great finish for his goal, but struggled at times


Thompson 7
Got in the thick of it and won headers

Gates 6
linked up well with Baxter on the right

Bowey 6
Little impact

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