Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kendal Town 1 Gateshead 3

Gateshead Got the job done at Kendal on Tuesday night, with a fine passing display and pride in the shirt.

The Heed took the lead through a Phil Cave penalty, after Graeme Armstrong had been chopped down in the box.

Graeme Armstrong got himself on the score sheet after delicately passing the ball past the
Kendal Keeper.

The last ten minutes of the first half seen Kendal push forward and stake out in the Gateshead half, but Gateshead defence stood tall and did not cave in.
Kendal started the second half as they finished the first, pushing Gateshead back looking for an opening.

Bad communication from Scott Allison to James Curtis seen the Gateshead keeper in no mans land when Curtis headed the ball back to only find a empty net, not the type of goal Curtis

With Kendal back in the game at 2-1 Gateshead moved up a gear to look for the goal to kill the game off.
Davie Southern's free kick sealed the win, this free kick came after the Kendal number 4 got his second yellow following a continuous flow of fouls.
Wayne Phillips had the chance to make it 4-1 in the dieing seconds of the game, but the keeper and two defenders all had to scramble the ball away.

Line Up and Ratings:

Alllsion 6
At fault for the goal

Baxter 7
Never put foot wrong

Cave 8
Well taken penalty

Curtis 8
Unlucky to score own goal

Flynn 7
Solid all game

Phillips 7
More than a hand full, should have scored

Harwood 6
Didnt look at ease on the ball

Gate 7
Batlled all night long

McClen 7
Kept the ball moving

Southern 8
Great free kick
Armstrong 8
All round play was that of a Brazilian world cup winner!!


Talbot 6
Did well

Did Well

Did well

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