Tuesday, January 01, 2008

How The Heed Has Voted!!!!

A week before Christmas Eve a Voting Poll was added to the Blog, asking what kind of Player the Heed Army would want for Christmas. Although the question was put tongue in cheek the results are deadly serious.

The Voting poll options were:

A New Striker

A New Midfield Player

A New Defender

A New Goal Keeper

54% answered a new striker showing that the Heed Army Strongly believe options upfront need to be strengthened.
In second place was a new defender with 22% of the vote, James Dudgeon signed during the voting poll, so many heed fans wishes were granted in time for Christmas.
16 % of the vote went in favour of a new midfielder, yet the Gateshead midfield already holds McClen, Bowey, Harwood, Gate, Salvin and Phillips.
Only 6% voting for getting a new goal keeper, yet in recent reports Keen has had indifferent performances.

What we can take away from the Voting Poll and recent performances on the pitch, is that the fans feel new faces and new ideas are need to keep Gateshead as competitive in the top half of the UniBond, Mainly the play offs.

The Heed has been linked with a few top rated UniBond Strikers in the past few months in the local press, yet no movement has happened.
Scott Bell was linked with the Tynesiders but his loan move to Newcastle Blue Star stopped any movement on that deal, sadly since Bell has moved permanently to Blue Star after his loan move.
Danny Brunskill was another UniBond target from Whitby Town, yet attempts to get Brunskill in a heed shirt failed.
The Failure to attract one striker is worrying to say the least

Although Our current Strike force of Davie Southern and Graeme Armstrong (pictured) have 23 goals Between them there is no player capable of producing the goals from the bench.
Ian Robson has failed to make the Step up from the Northern League, while Heed legend and club leading goal scorer Paul Thompson has sadly seen better days at this level.

With the dreams of the Unibond title slipping away game by game, surly a fresh face or two in the side would give the team some new ideas and manger new options.

Its safe to say that the Heed Army know you just can not through bags of money at the team but action does need to be taken to help

The good news that James Curtis (pictured) could be playing again by the end of January will sure help stop the silly needless goals Gateshead have let in over the past two months.

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