Saturday, January 19, 2008

Frickeley Athletic 3 Gateshead 4

The Cream always rises to the the top it would seem!

Gateshead found them selves 3-0 down at half time away to 10 man Frickley, with the game seeming as good as over, Bogie's words must have made the difference at half time.

It took untill the 74th minute for Jamie Harwood to start the Heed fight back, scored the Tynesiders second on 76 minutes, and just 3 minutes later Gateshead was level with Steve Bowey Graeme Armstrong grabbing the goal.

Davie "Chicken legs" Southern (pictured below) wrapped up the points for Gateshead on 88 minutes, a scoreline no Heed fan could have imagined at half time.

1 comment:

michael said...

3-0 down!
4-3 up!
Davey southern wraps it up!