Wednesday, September 12, 2007

North Ferriby 1 Gateshead 4

Strong resolve was the order of the day as Gateshead overcame being 1-0 down at half time to win 4-1.

The first half was a horrible affair to watch with the referee taking centre stage and shining like a 2 watt bulb.
Late tackles and tackles from behind were missed by the ref and his assistants, which made life difficult for Gatesheads passing game.

The second half seen Gateshaed recompose and take the game to North Ferriby with such vigor even Manchester United would have thrown the towel in.

Goals by Davie Southern, Chris Hughes, Steve Salvin and Substitute Ian Robson (pictured) sore Gateshead
make it 18 games unbeaten, also made it 24 goals in 6 games this season.

Three Stand out players on the night were Graeme Armstrong, Wayne Phillips and Jamie McClen, all three were in fine form and ran the show for the heed.
Armtrong deserved a goal after spinning the Ferriby defence was only denied by the fine save made by the keeper.

Line up and ratings:

Keen 7
Maybe a little butter on the fingers for the Ferriby Goal

Baxter 7
Quiet game for his standards

Cave 8
Kept picking out the right balls to Phillips

Curtis 8
Battled and had the stud marks on his chest to prove it!!!!

Salvin 9
Keeps pulling the Rabbit out the hat, Pure Magic!!!!!!!!!

Team player deserved his goal and took it well

Phillips 8
Pint sized work horse

McClen 8
Again was a work horse and didn't lose his head when others might have

Bowey 8
Enjoyed getting the win, Shared his satisfaction with the Heed Army After the full time whistle!!

Preparation H, what a pile driver he scored!!!!

Outstanding all you can say


Thompson 7
Classic, fitted in the game like he started it

Flynn 6

Robson 8
What a goal, Instant hero!!

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