Sunday, September 09, 2007

Gateshead 6 Hednesford 2

Every Gateshead fan will have woke up on Sunday morning with a black and blue arm, from pinching them themselves after Saturday outstanding performance.

The 6-2 defeat of Hednesford was nothing short of outstanding, the passing was fluid and beautiful one touch game at times.
Passion and pride seems to be very much of the
Gateshead team of late, Ian Bogie has installed a fantastic work ethic with his boy's and the Heed Army getting to see it with recent results.

Jamie Harwood (pictured) got his name on the score sheet again with to well placed shots, Harwood is living up to the Heed Army Blogs prediction of the player to watch this season.

David Southern scored a brace, also he was a cut above the Hednesford defence causing them trouble all afternoon.

Phil Cave (pictured) opened his goal account with a great shot from just inside the box, to send the Heed Army wild in the stands.

Chris Hughes also Scored a good goal at the back post.

Line up and Ratings:

Keen 7
wan st to blame for Hednesfords two goals

Baxter 8
whats that coming over the hill, is it a Baxter!!!!

Cave 8
Good game, good goal, great player

Salvin 8
The saint was in top form, always looks the part

Curtis 8
strutted like a majestic peacock

Harwood 9
Celebrated his goals in great style, and gave a big thumbs up to the clothes line!!

Phillips 8
Worked the wing like a fighter pilot, always on the attack!!

Bowey 8 (Captain)
Twinkle toe's, skipped pass every thing with ease

McCen 9
Like a puppeteer, pull all the strings
Heed Army Blog Man Of The Match

Southern 9
Never broke a sweat

Armtrong 8
Not just a tartget man, team player

Flynn 7

Hughes 8
Great goal

Robson 7
Sure to score soon

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