Saturday, September 15, 2007

Gateshead 6 Selby Town 1

If it was boxing it would have been stopped!!

Gateshead's goals kept coming in this match, all 6 would not have out of place in the Premiership.

In front of a passionate crowd Gateshead never got out of second gear it has to be said. The Northern East Counties League opposition couldn't handle the Heeds passing and speed in midfield, which led to the Selby defence to crumble.

The 6 goals were scored by:

Davie Southern 2x
Graeme Armstong

Craig Baxter
Ian Robson
and Captin Marvel Steve Bowey (pictured)

Its easy to get carried away when the Heed
are playing so well, but you cant help but see there is more to come from this Gateshead side.
Ian Bogie and Jeff Wrightson have worked wonders over the summer crafting a well oiled machine to take the UniBond and Cups by storm.

Now Gateshead await to see who they draw in the next round of the FA Cup Qualifiers.

line up and ratings:

Keen 7
Mr Safe hands

Baxter 8
Struck his shot like Hurst in 66

Cave 8
Just keeps improoving

Curtis 9
He's big he's red his feet hang out the bed JAMIE C!

Salvin 8
Like a neighbours wall, the ball was only gonna go over him, Dare ask for it back!!!!

Phillips 7
Did OK till he was replaced at half time.

Harwood 7
Should have added to his goal tally.

Bowey 9
Tackled like Norman Hunter, Had the flare of George Best, Scored like Pele!!

God Gave us Football, Jamie McClen gave stability!!!

Armtrong 8
Spun more people than a waltzer

Southern 9
Two great goals, all rounder on the day


Robson 8
Reak hand full, calm finish

Gate 7
Fitted in to the right bcak slot nicely


Hughes 7
Did a good job out on the left

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