Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Buxton 0 Gateshead 4

Where do you start? Who do you with? Maybe we should start with three quotes after the match.

Ian Bogie “I wish more Gateshead fans could have seen that performance tonight”

Paul Thompson “I have never seen a second half like that in all my time in football” with shock and horror on his face, with a huge glimpse of pride.

The referee “Outstanding a team could play like that on a pitch like this, best I have seen all season”

The first half opened up a cagey affair with both teams wanting to make the first move, Buxton midfielder Anton Foster was a constant danger with his speed and first touch.

Gateshead had the edge in the first half but was a very level match until in the last ten minutes when the Tynesiders pushed for the opener.

Phil Cave drove home a powerful Drive from the edge of the box, it took a big deflection on route to the goal which left Buxton fan favourite Scott Hartley no chance of getting to it.

Just one minute later Paul Musselwhite made the first of to World Class saves, straight from the kick off Buxton pushed for the equalizer only to meet the man mountain Musselwhite.

1-0 at half time Gateshead just on top and good for the lead.

What can only be described as a football master class happen in the second half that took both sets of fans by complete surprise.

On a heavy and greasy pitch the passing display started, from wing to wing, from back to front, not one pass was missed placed, not one tackle or interception mistimed.
Phil Turnbull was in the form a world cup winner picking out passes left right and centre, total midfield general. His link up play was joy to watch as he picked out the forward runs of Harwood and Brayson Time after time.

Davie Southern was also in one mood the goal scoring mood and he powered his way past the two Buxton defender to blast a shot into the bottom corner on 57 minutes, Hartley could only get a finger to ball, but the shot was to powerful.

As if Turnbull, Gate and Harwood was not enough for Buxton to deal with, Steve Bowey was added to mix and made life hell for Buxton. He scored a peach from 18 yards after Gate had rattled the cross bar, Bowey picked up the rebound and slotted it home to pile the misery on Buxton’s home crowd.

Kris Gate was not to be denied after his earlier effort that had hit the cross bar, on 85 minutes he blasted a shot from 25 yards into the bottom corner. It rapped up a outstanding performance from the heed.

Every player in a Heed shirt Tuesday night was in the best form of the season, it was an absolute master class. If we play half as good in the play-offs the Heed Army is in for some exciting times.

Line up and ratings

Musselwhite 10
Two fantastic saves, rolled back the years.

Baxter 9
Tackled with the precision of laser guided missile.

Cave 9
Seemed to know where every Heed play was, inch perfect passes.

Curtis 9
Dominant, controlled, joy to watch.

Jones 9
Thought Tony Adams had taken over his body.

Gate 9
Head and shoulders above his rivals, and we aren’t talking shampoo either.

Harwood 9
Ran his heart out and it paid dividends

Turnbull 10
Could have been wearing a Brazil Shirt!!

Southern 9
Powerful goal, powerful performance.

Armstrong 9
Should have had a hat-trick, but still was ripping Buxton to shreds.

Brayson 9
Deserved a goal, made so much in the game, I wouldn’t want to be the Ashton keeper next Saturday if Brayson’s in the same form.


Bowey 9
Made the Buxton cry when they seen his pace, let alone his goal.

Talbot 9
Picked up where Cave left off.

Thompson 9
Was giving it the show boat with some little back flicks, the cheeky monkey!!!!

Heed Army Blog man of the match goes to Ian Bogie and Jeff Wrightson for putting this team together!!

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