Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ilkeston 2 Gateshead 0

Gateshead travelled to Ilkeston with the aim of getting back on track after last weeks poor performance against Worksop Town.
Sadly the Heed could not do this, an average Ilkeston side out battled the promotion tipped Tynesiders in nearly all area’s of the pitch.

The midfield was only half productive with Steve Salvin and Wayne Phillips getting forward and back while McClen and Gate seemed to drift back in and out the game over the full 90 minutes.

With the midfield at six’s and seven’s the forward line seen no service at all during the game (if Pele himself was upfront the would have only been able to kick the grass) as bugger all made it past the midfield.

The only two half attempts for the hole game from Steve Salvin, he hit the wood
work in the first half and also had a glancing header easily picked out the air by the Ilkeston keeper.

The defence was also put under pressure by the midfield inconsistency, which lead to the spells of pressure from Ilkeston.

Ilkeston took the lead on 44 minutes, the goal must have delt Gateshead a blow as the team never recovered.

With things not going Gateshead way Ian Bogie made some substitutions bringing Robson on for Southern and Thompson on for Armstrong later on. Even though Southern and Armstrong had few if any chances in front of goal, they would always be the men you could count on to get a goal from nothing.
Robson had little to no impact and has looked out of his depth for a many weeks now, also struggling against northern league opposition in the Durham cup.
Thompson is always a handful but has seen better days, yet he is a player you would always want on your bench
because he can fill many positions, but to bring both Robson and Thompson on was like holding up the white flag and shortly after Gateshead let in the second goal.

If we are to be seriously considered promotion materiel then changes have to be made and tough decisions made.

Heed Army Shopping List:

Goal Keeper
Central Defender
Midfielder with balls
out and out target man

Santa please bring the Heed some early presents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Line Up nad ratings:

Musselwhite 7
Made a great save other wise it was 3-0

Baxter 8
can come out the game with some pride

Cave 7
Had a quiet game

Curtis 6
One or two mistakes

Flynn 6
Also felt the strain

Phillips 8
The Danger man
Heed Army Blog Man Of The Match

Gate 6
Went missing

McClen 6
Could only pass sideways

Salvin 8
the man battles for 90 mins, some players could learn a lot from his approach to the game

Southern 6
No joy, No ball at his feet

Armstrong 6
felt sorry for him running all over but not getting the service


Robson 5
Hard to find words

Thompson 6
Old man doing a young mans running game, not his fault


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