Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gateshead 2 Boston Utd 1

Boston United looked shell-shocked after the first ten minutes of the game on Saturday, they was out worked, out paced and out played by the Mighty Heed.

Wayne Phillips was electric down the left wing, the Boston defence couldn’t handle Gateshead’s version of Ryan Giggs.

Graeme Armstrong was also in dangerous form skinning the defender time after time, which lead to the keeper bringing down Armstrong in the box after he left the defence in his wake.
Up stepped Phil Cave to bury the ball into the back of the net.
After Cave’s spot kick Gateshead continued to dominated play against the Blue Square Premier visitors, with some stylish passing and great vision which has become Gateshead's trade mark since the appointment of Ian Bogie.

The second half seen Boston try and step it up and come at Gateshead in search of the equalizer, it came on 65 minutes when Boston’s Froggatt scored.
Gateshead came back from this body blow straight away and pushed forward, one man who deserved a goal got the goal to put the Heed back in front. The cry’s of OH LAY OH LAY OH LAY OH LAY STEEVIE BOWEEEEEY went up after he got the ball in the back of the Boston net.

Boston could have levelled it Hitting the post in the dieing moments of the game, but the game was Gateshead’s and a well deserved result.

Three players that haven’t been mentioned in the match report need to be praised for fantastic performances. Firstly on loan defender Carl Jones made his debut and he battled right to the very end, was a joy to watch win every ball.

Like wise it was a joy to watch Richard Flynn along side Jones, Flynn Battled for every thing and came out on top.
Last but not least was Peter Keen (pictured) after a lay off there was no rust in his game, he was there for every cross and shot.

Line up and ratings

Keen 8
Had glue on them hands

Baxter 8
Was never troubled and his attacking play was on par with Ronaldo

Cave 8
Can not find a fault in his game on Saturday, Great Penalty

Flynn 9
Outstanding, Cream always rises to the top!!!!!!!!!

Jones 10 (debut)
Sublime, was possessed by Bobby More!!!
Heed Army Blog Man Of The Match

Harwood 8
Looked like he did at the beginning of the season

Phillips 9
Starting to develop into the play he needs to be week in week out, Top Class

McClen 8
Wasn’t the Star player, but didn’t need to be and didn’t put a foot wrong

Bowey 9
OH LAY OH LAY OH LAY OH LAY, the midfield Marvel!!

Southern 8
Boston Couldn’t handle him

Armstrong 8
Looked like the player he is away from home, Should have scored


Tablot 7
Didnt let the side team down

Atkins 7
Kept the ball moving

Thompson 7
Knows how to hold up play when needed

Robson (Not used)

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