Sunday, August 19, 2007

Eastwood Town 1 Gateshead 3

Pre match jitters were not helped when the referee awarded a penalty in the opening minutes of the game to Eastwood, the penalty was scored and Gateshead started the fight back with the Heed Army in full voice.

Gateshead's first goal was scored by Graeme Armstrong, a fantastic finish from inside the area.
Super Steve Salvin scored the second to send the travelling Heed Army wild behind the goal.

sealed a great opening day win with well placed shot in a goal mouth scramble.

Gateshead were never in trouble in this match, with the side never moving in to second gear.
Peter Keen only had the penalty to deal with, after being judged to have brought down the Eastwood striker.

Make shift defender
Steve Salvin was solid throughout and looked more than adequate to fill the role as and when needed.

Line Up and ratings:

Keen 7
Solid and never really tested

Cave 7
Also never tested, fitted in well in the Gateshead defence

Baxter 7
His all round play was spot on, and got up when in attack

Salvin 8
Natural born Player

Curtis 8
Was in tip top condition, nothing getting past him

Phillips 8
Took his goal well and made life hard for the east wood defence

Bowey 8
Captain marvel, VINTAGE, like and old wine, has got better with age.

McClen 8
Battled hard, great edition to the midfield

Southern 8
More than a hand full and usual

Armstrong 9
Fantastic match scored and was a real team player
The Heed Army Blog Man of the Match


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