Thursday, August 16, 2007

Come Join Heed Army!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With the new season upon us, the Heed Army still have something to dread. Empty Seats on a match Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We seen at the back end of last season attendances rise with good form on the pitch, This was great to see and also hear the noise level rise to near enough former levels.

This is a plea to All of the Heed Army, Lets get the word out there for the first home game against
Whitby Town.
A good start on the pitch and in the stands will be fantastic for the Gateshead, and we can play our part in that. By getting behind our lad and give it ten of the best!!!!!!!!!

Lets see the Tyne and wear stand Like this at our first Home Game!!

Tell work mates, friends, friends of friends drag them by the short and curly's if you have to!!!! Because the Heed is on the march and nobody should miss it!!!

HEED ARMY TO ALL and as Delia Said LETS BE HAVING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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