Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sad News for the North East!!!!!!

After hearing about three local Northern League clubs applying to join the Unibond First Division earlier this season, i thought what a shot in the arm for North East Non-League Football.
The three Clubs in question where Newcastle Blue Star, Durham City and Consett, but i have since heard all three clubs are no longer moving up to Unibond level for different reasons.
Sad News Indeed for the North East Football Scene.

Ten years ago there was Four North East clubs playing at Unibond level, they where Blyth Spartans, Gateshead, Spennymoor Utd and Bishop Aukland (five if you include Whitby Town).
Toady there is one, Gateshead!

With Gateshead being the only club at this level from the North East we are the only club that can offer players the next step up the ladder. Ok Blyth can offer players a step up the ladder as well, but their avenues are shorter with there not being many local players playing higher than the Northern league.

The North East needs more than one team in the Unibond, the lack of players able to play at this level and higher is embarrassing.

If we look at our counterparts in Yorkshire and Greater Manchester the amount of clubs and players they have at our level is where the North East should be at!

Hopefully in the coming seasons we will see the cream of the Northern League taking a leap forward, To better their own fortunes and the fortunes of North east Non-league Football!!!!!!!!!!!

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