Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Exclusive message from Keith Fletcher

The Heed Army Blog is proud to have a Message to the Gateshead Fans from: THE MAN,THE GENIUS, THE LEGEND that is Keith Fletcher!!!!

Here is Keith's Message:

Hello All,

It's Fletch, I was contacted by David and invited to say a few words. My time at Gateshead was amazing, the support that I received from the fans and management is something that I remember fondly. When I left Gateshead I moved to the US and began working in my profession: I have a degree in Finance and Accounting. Today, I'm a Senior Financial Manager with the Washington DC Government, I'm married to a wonderful woman named Georgette and I've been blessed with a "look-alike" son named Kristian...he's 19 months old and loves football...wonder where he get's that from :-)
Thanks for the memories!!


The Heed Army Blog would like to thank Keith for his time and for sending the Message to us. All the best to Keith and his family.

Click here to go to Hall of Fame: Keith Fletcher

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