Saturday, August 19, 2006

Gateshead FC 1 Burscough 0

Tony lee on the left over seeing Gateshead 1-0 win over Burscough at the International stadium, with Assitant Ian Bogie just infront of him.

A hard fought battle against Burscough , but the Heed Army came out on top with a great finish by Andy Appley Just before half time.

Line up and ratings:

Price 7
Had a one or two scary monents but did well over all (debut)

Flynn 7
Played well at right back.

Hanson 7
Also played well on his debut for the Heed. (dubet)

Backer 8 (Captain)
Rock solid, with a great command at the back (dubet)

Curtis 8
Made to fantastic takles and clearances

Deverdics 6
Played ok, didnt make a massive impact (debut)

Oliver 8
Made some good tackles and kept the midfield working together (debut)

Hughes 7
Ran all day, made it hard for Burscough. (debut)

Salvin 7
Worked hard along side oliver (debut)

Jamie Clark 7
Had a few chances in both halfs, not his day infront of goal (dedut)

Appleby 9
Took his goal well, and looked like he might have got a few more, The Heed Army blog MAN OF THE MATCH!! well done Andy (debut)


Baxter (never used)

Southern 7
Made problems for Burscough when he came on, Looking foward to seeing a fully fit David Southern playing in the heed starting line up soon.

Istead 6
Didnt realy have much time to so what he can do. good to see hiom on the come back after injury hit pre season. (debut)

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