Thursday, May 22, 2008

Player Review: Salvin

Steve Salvin, the powerhouse behind Gateshead’s promotion. His drive and relentless pursuit of the ball made watching him a true delight. He wears he heart on his sleeve and just as proudly the Captains armband in his vice captain roll when Bowey was not in the team.

Steve played much of the season in defence after the pre-season injury to Steve Baker. Salvin slotted in with Curtis to form a great partnership, there build up play from the back must be reasonable for at least 30% of Gateshead goals this season. While talking about goal Steve managed to score nine goals this term, no mean feat for a player playing out of position. Sadly news has broke that Steve has handed in a transfer request, his work commitments has become larger and sadly football is having to take the back seat in his life. This is a great shame as Steve would have taken the step up to the Conf North easily.
The Heed Army Blog Wishes Steve all the best and hope to see him Ina Heed shirt in the future!

Season Rating 9 out of 10.

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