Monday, February 04, 2008

Gateshead 0 Spennymoor 0 (1-0 extra time)

On a cold night when the cold could change a man for life, Gateshead battled to the bitter end and got the goal to take Heed Army to the Durham cup final.

The first half was a war of attrition with a Spennymoor leaving six to seven players in there own half. This left the Tynesiders running into brick walls and out of idea's to break down this resolute defence.

the second half also seen Spennymoor players stay in there own half, and trying to catch Gateshead on the break. Paul Musselwhite was called upon to save the day when a spennymoor play was one on one with him. the veteran keeper kept his cool and smothered the ball from his feet.

The game went to extra time, Gateshead came into there own and had chance after chance. At least five clear cut chances feel to Gateshead players in the box, one notable missed effort happened after Graeme Armstrong glanced a header over the bar from 6 yards.

With minutes to go till penalty's, young striker Ben Hutchinson scrambled home a shot from 8 yards to send the home crowd wild, and take the Heed Army to the final of the Durham Cup.

Line up and Ratings:

Musselwhite 8

made the save when it mattered

Baxter 7

ran his heart out, but found little options

Cave 7

Supported Talbot well down the left

Curtis 7

Missed the odd pass, but did the job where it mattered

Salvin 8

Fantastic from start to finish

Harwood 8

Ran the show at times, real handful

Talbot 9

Real performance, up and down the wing, some good tackles to boot.
Heed Army Blog Man of the Match

Bowey 8 (Captain)

Won the midfield battle

Gates 8

First half disappointing, rest of the match outstanding

Southern 7

Had some flat spells in the game

Thompson 7

Never found any space, and heavily marked


Armstrong 7

Missed some sitters

Hutchinson 8

A star is born, at least for this match.

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