Saturday, January 27, 2007

Gateshead 2 Prescot Cables 3

Gateshead started this game with communication left in the dressing room it would see.
The Tynesiders fell to two early goal's in the space of four minutes of each other.

Davison the on loan Gateshead Goal keeper shouted the ball was his and never got there, and the Prescot forward placed the ball in the back of the onion sack.

Four minutes later Prescot Doubled their lead, with a well work passing move on the edge of the box.

After the break Gateshead had thirty minutes for pure pressure on the Prescot box, with crosses from Craig "Nelly" Nelthopre raining in the box.
Craig Nelthorpe pulled one back for the Tynesiders with a free kick straight from Beckhams boots.

Soon after Nelthorpe crossed a inch perfect cross for Paul "Thommo" Thompson to head a great finish.

Gateshead did get the ball over the goal line again for the referee only to say he didn't see it, THE SWINE!!!!!!!!

Gateshead looked as though they would go on to finish Prescot off, but while going forward Gateshead poor communication came back and left Prescot with three on two and the ball was placed well in the back of Gateshead net the kill the game.

Line up and Ratings

Davison 5
A young lad with a lot to learn

Mason 6
Came to life in the second half, some good tackles

Baxter 7
Classic Baxter, played well through out

Baker 6 (Captain)
First half poor, second half marvel

Curtis 6
Not at the races at all

Harwood 6
Looked out of sorts

Hughes 6
Still looks a yards slow after operation, will be back to top gear soon

Salvin 7
Midfield work horse

Nethopre 9
Ran the show when Gateshead went forward, and great goal
The Heed Army Blog Man Of The Match

Southern 6
Never got into gear, still a danger at time though to the opposition

Thompson 7
Great goal, Just two more needed for glory!!!!!!!

Tablot (not used)

Clark 6
Didnt have much time to do much to be honest

Byrne 6
Much the same as Clark

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