Saturday, September 02, 2006

Gateshead FC 2 Ashton Utd 3

Well what can you say, Gateshead took the lead with a great free kick into the box ending up with James Curtis nodding the header into the net.
Ashton got level before the break, after the break Gateshead took the lead with a powerfull shot from David Southern (pictured) from outside the box.
Ashton utd got level again with a cross into the box to find a Ashton player unmarked to header a louping ball into the net.
The iceing on the cake came for Ashton with a fantastic solo effet from their number 9, lost his markers and fired a shout from just inside the 18 yard box.
Line up and ratings:
Price 6
In the first half did well, second half was left wide open. Not much he could do.
Hanson 7
Solid as ever this season so far.
Flynn (the chopper) 7
Made some fantastic Chopping tackles.
Backer (Captain) 6
Wasnt at the races today.
Curtis 8
Took his gaol well, expect to see more of the same this season.
Istead 7
Looked ok.
Talbot 7
Got back well, but going foward didnt have much joy.
Oliver 7
played like he always does, solid.
Deverdics 7
Best game so far in a heed shirt.
Southern 8
Great goal, and also made some good crosses into the box. The Heed Army Blog MAN OF THE MATCH.
Appleby 7
If he had of got the ball at his feet he might of had a better chnace.
Thompson 7
Won every header when he came on, Classic THOMMO!
Baxter 6
Came in at right back for Flynn looked ok.
Ian Clark 7
Didnt take that long to get in his stride but made a few good crosses and throw ball. (Debut)

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