Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HEED Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Goat is asking for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do it MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kendal Town 1 Gateshead 3

Gateshead Got the job done at Kendal on Tuesday night, with a fine passing display and pride in the shirt.

The Heed took the lead through a Phil Cave penalty, after Graeme Armstrong had been chopped down in the box.

Graeme Armstrong got himself on the score sheet after delicately passing the ball past the
Kendal Keeper.

The last ten minutes of the first half seen Kendal push forward and stake out in the Gateshead half, but Gateshead defence stood tall and did not cave in.
Kendal started the second half as they finished the first, pushing Gateshead back looking for an opening.

Bad communication from Scott Allison to James Curtis seen the Gateshead keeper in no mans land when Curtis headed the ball back to only find a empty net, not the type of goal Curtis

With Kendal back in the game at 2-1 Gateshead moved up a gear to look for the goal to kill the game off.
Davie Southern's free kick sealed the win, this free kick came after the Kendal number 4 got his second yellow following a continuous flow of fouls.
Wayne Phillips had the chance to make it 4-1 in the dieing seconds of the game, but the keeper and two defenders all had to scramble the ball away.

Line Up and Ratings:

Alllsion 6
At fault for the goal

Baxter 7
Never put foot wrong

Cave 8
Well taken penalty

Curtis 8
Unlucky to score own goal

Flynn 7
Solid all game

Phillips 7
More than a hand full, should have scored

Harwood 6
Didnt look at ease on the ball

Gate 7
Batlled all night long

McClen 7
Kept the ball moving

Southern 8
Great free kick
Armstrong 8
All round play was that of a Brazilian world cup winner!!


Talbot 6
Did well

Did Well

Did well

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kendal Preview

A classic Non-League ground awaits Gateshead on Tuesday night at Kendal Town,
The Lakeland Radio Stadium has a slope from one goal mouth to the other that could only be rivaled by the ski jump at any winter Olympic venue.

These type of football grounds are all over Non-league and add to the experience of an away game.
Lee Ashcrofts Kendal will no doubt have a style very much suited to their surroundings, the Heed will have to be at the top of their game to keep Kendal at bay in the early stages.

Kendal are currently sitting 17th in the UniBond table

1Witton Albion141121367+2935
5Fleetwood Town118122917+1225
6Ossett Town157261713+423
7Matlock Town136341716+121
8Eastwood Town136251514+120
9Hednesford Town146172524+119
11Lincoln United155461824-619
12Ashton United154652424018
13Ilkeston Town164572531-617
15Prescot Cables145181823-516
16Whitby Town134272328-514
17Kendal Town114251318-514
18Worksop Town133461622-613
19Leek Town142571729-1211
20North Ferriby United162591633-1711
21Frickley Athletic14059931-225

Gateshead will still be without Midfield/Defender Steve Salvin through susspension, Also Davids southerns Suspension may also start for the Kendal game (yet to be Confirmed).

Hopefully the Famous Heed Army can leave Kendal with more than just Kendal's Famous Mint Cake!!!!


FEED THE GOAT, FEED THE GOAT AND HE WILL SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leek Town 2 Gateshead 2

Two goals conceded in the first ten minutes left a shell shocked Gateshead team battling to get any sort of foot hold in the match.

The first half was a real test of fans nerves with lacklustre and off the pace players running round like headless chickens. What ever Gateshead’s match plan was went straight out the window and players panicked every time the ball came to their feet.

The midfield in the first 15 minutes was a shambles, with Jamie Harwood having to be replaced with 15 minutes on the clock. Steve Bowey came on to shore things up but the damage of the early goals had been inflicted by Leek Town.

The HEED ARMY Blog is not in to naming and shaming players as any player is a Heed shirt is to be supported to the full. This why the Blog will praise the two stand out performers from the first half, Craig Baxter and Davie Southern didn’t put a foot wrong but were let down heavily by their team mates.

Ian Bogie must have gave the hairdryer treatment to his players and told them some home truths at half time, as the second half seen the Gateshead team return to the pitch a few minutes early.
Whatever Ian Said worked as the passing game that has seen Gateshead start the season so well returned to the side and the fight back started.

Davie Southern got on the end of a good Wayne Phillips cross to head home from the 6yard box to bring the Gateshead fans back to life.

Graeme Armstrong headed home a defected Phil Cave Shot to get a share of the points.

At the end of the day the Gateshead players will have to take a long hard look at themselves, and ask did we play to the full????
Sorry lads but you know the answer, you didn’t.

A really case of points dropped not a point gained!!!!!!!!!

No line up and ratings for this match, as some things are left best not said.
Heed Army Blog Man Of The Match is:


At Leek Town

Friday, October 26, 2007

New Header

You may have noticed the Blog has a new header.

This is the work of Pav, the Blog would like to thank Pav for his hard work. Its a work of art im sure you all agree.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gateshead 4 West Auckland 0

A Gateshead side that had rested many first team members easily brushed aside Northern league outfit West Auckland.

The 4-0 win seen
Gateshead Legend Paul Thompson (pictured) bag himself a hat-trick, his tally now leaves him 3 gaols short of being all time goal scorer for the Heed.

Gateshead’s next opponents in the Durham Cup are Birtley Town away, with Birtley currently top of their league, this will be another test for the High Flying Gateshead Team.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Durham Cup Preview

This Wednesday night see's Gatesheads first match of hopefully many in the Durham Challenge Cup this year.

The match will see the return of former goal keeper Marc Bell who left a week before the start of the season after a full pre-season with the Heed.
Hopefully the Gateshead lads can stick a few goals past Past Bell.

Gateshead Football Club had planned to make the Match Free entry but the move was blocked by the DURHAM FA, so the Admission has been dropped to £3 adults and £1 Kids/OAP's.
A bumper crowd had been expected with the free admission, but a decent cup turn out can still be on the cards.

(Pictured) could be set to stay in the starting line up after Saturdays fine performance which seen him get on the score sheet from the penalty spot. The veteran striker was in the thick of it winning headers, free-kicks and showed his experience in what was a hard thought match.

Could Davie Southern partner Thompson up front on Wednesday night? He could well do after his red card on Saturday. Southern will be missing for some massive games in the UniBond and with the Durham Cup very winnable, surely Gateshead will play a strong forward line.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gateshead 2 Shepshed Dynamo 1

A depleted squad was put out for FA Trophy match against Shepshed Dynamo, with Harwood, Southern, Armstrong and Phillips missing from the starting line up.

Kris Gate opend the scoring for the heed witha well worked goal.

Old timer Paul Thompson started up front with Ian Robson and both had a respectable match, with Thompson Netting a second half penalty.

Thompson should have had 4 goals in the fisrt half and was in fine form in and around the box, the fox in the box hasn’t lost a thing!

Shepshed never really tested Gateshead fully, only having a few chances on goal and one half chnace which they but away in the first half.
The match could be described as scrappy and uneventful at times, a typical early round of the FA Trophy some would say.
If the Heed had of played as full strength side the score could have easily been that of a cricket score, as Shpesheds defence was not strong and could have been ripped apart from Southern and Armstrong.

Yet another red car for the heed this season came for Davie Southern in the last moments of the match.
Verbally abusing the referee’s assistant sore him receive a straight red card.
Add Southern suspension to Salvins and we have two very important players missing from action for silly red cards that could have been avoided.

Line up and Rating:

Allison 6
Solid performance

Baxter 7
Followed on from Wednesdays game, great form

Talbot 7
Mr reliable

Curtis 7
Like a Brick wall
Flynn 7
Starting to regain top form

Gate 8
Great goal, fitted into the heed side like and old pair of under pants, very comfy

McClen 7
Average for his standards

Bowey 7 (Captain)
Showed some of his classic runs from midfield

Salvin 6
Wasn’t involved as much as normal

Thompson 8
The old master showed how to battle

Robson 6
Plenty pace, but sometimes runs out of idea’s


Cave (Not Used)
Hughes (Not Used)

Phillips 6
Some nice darting runs down the left

Armstrong 6
Put himself about

Southern 3
Has to learn to control temper and understand the referee word is final!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gateshead 1 Ossett Town 0

A Goal straight from Roy Of The Rovers in the dying seconds of injury time was needed for Gateshead to grab all three points.

Although it was fantastic end to the game the 90 minutes and 30 seconds that came before it were drab and painful to watch.
Ossett Set their stall out well and defended, Looking to hit on the break. This left the game with a lot of long ball being played.

Three of the four Midfielders where not at the races at all leaving Wayne Phillips the only stand out player out on the left. Wayne kept darting down the left and cutting inside causing the most problems for Ossett town. He Didn't look the Same player from his two previous games. A vastly improved performance from his two previous games.

The Second half was much the same as the first with the ball seeing very little of the green stuff and a lot of forehead and boot end.

Its took a great cross from the right wing in the dying seconds from Craig Baxter, GraemeArmstrong (pictured) leaped in perfect timing to meet the ball above all around him to place it in the bottom corner.
A goal that wouldn't have looked out of place in a World Cup Final, Just a pity
the rest of the game was very harsh on the eye's.

With the win Gateshead moved second in the UniBond table, six Points behind Witton.

UniBond Table

1Witton Albion131021306+2432
4Fleetwood Town108022614+1224
6Matlock Town126331715+221
7Ossett Town146261613+320
8Eastwood Town136251514+120
9Lincoln United145451822-419

Line Up and Ratings:

Allsion 6
Had little to deal with

Baxter 8
With Crosses like his Dracula will leave him alone

Cave 6
Never caved in

Flynn 6
With Curtis kept picking up the long ball from Ossett

Curtis 6
Left heart in mouth when he and Flynn both slipped and let the Osset Player through on goal, thank god the Ossett Player had never seen a goal before and did not know what to do.

Phillips 8
Played like he should have in the past two games, the pint sized marvel is back in form

McClen 6
Didnt see much of the ball

Salvin 6 (captain)
Poor for his standards

Harwood 5
The Ball was very much not his friend

Southern 6
The long ball isn't ever going to keeping Southern involved

Armstrong 7
Great finish for his goal, but struggled at times


Thompson 7
Got in the thick of it and won headers

Gates 6
linked up well with Baxter on the right

Bowey 6
Little impact

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lincoln Utd 3 Gateshead 3

A point away from home is not to be sniffed at, but when Gateshead were winning 3-1 with ten minutes to go the result was a bitter pill to swallow.

Gateshead fell behind in the first five minutes when a nothing ball in to the box from the Lincoln winger was not picked up by the Heed defence and was calmly slotted home by the
Lincoln player.

Jamie Harwood was brought down in the box, Phil Cave came forward and placed a great penalty sending the Lincoln goalkeeper the way.

After the break Gateshead started to power forward and after much pressure Jamie Curtis (pictured below) headed home from a Davie Southern corner.

Soon after Graeme Armstrong was sent through on goal and he placed a beautiful ball over the ailing keeper in to the corner of the onion sack.

3-1 and cursing to victory, but this was not the end result.

With ten minutes to go Gateshead aimed for the corners and tried to keep the ball there, with limited success. Although Gateshead did win two corners they did not carry on the pressure, and carried on trying to keep the ball in the corners.
Lincoln dispossessed the Gateshead forward line and split the Heed defence like a banana skin. Twice Lincoln managed to take the ball from deep in their own half and slot home to mediocre goals in less than 5 minutes.

The travelling support were left gob smacked after seeing Gateshead battle back from a goal down to lead 3-1 and chuck it away so easily and end up settling for a 3-3 draw.

The icing on the cake was seeing Steve Salvin sent off for what looked like head butt on a Lincoln defender in the dying seconds of the game. An avoidable red card, that will see the Heed lose another player in what have been a injury struck side of late.

Line Up and ratings:

Alison 6
No Clean sheet, and maybe flapped a little

Baxter 7
Was in good form

Cave 7
Also was in good form

Curtis 7
Graet goal, need to see more of that from him

Flynn 6
Wasnt helped by team mates in front of him

Harwood 6
Missed chances and easy balls given away late in the game

Phillips 6
Has to play to the whistle in future, was guilty of it again

Salvin 4 (captain)
Not a captains performance, silly red card

McClen 6
Quiet for his standards

Armstrong 7
Was like Hurst in 66 for his goal, but taking the ball to the corners with ten mins on the clock left the fans scratching heads.

Southern 6
Set up a goal but was off the pace


Robson 6
Little impact

Hughes 5
Not even as much as Robson

Talbot (Not Used)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blog On The Tyne Link

A few weeks ago the Heed Army Blog announced that we had given a link to the Evening Chronicles Blog the "Blog On The Tyne", also that they would give a link back in return when their new look Blog was finished.

Today the link back was put on the Blog On The Tyne Blog, Many thanks to Lee Ryder the man behind the Evening Chronicles Blog.

Please visit the Blog On The Tyne from the link down on the right hand side.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Gateshead 1 Ilkeston 2

Gateshead lost in the UniBond League for the first time since march this year, also the Tynesiders missed the chance to go top of the league.

The Heed took the lead when
Wayne Phillips (pictured below) tapped home a great cross from the right wing.

A missed penalty from
Jamie Harwood dinted the Heeds spirits in the first half, Gateshead got the penalty after Steve Bowey was judged to have been fouled in the box and needed treatment.

Ilkeston also got a penalty in the first half after
Peter Keen was judged to brought down the Ilkeston forward in the six yard box. They converted the penalty with ease Beating keen to his right.

After the break
Gateshead struggled to break down the Ilkeston back line who where sitting very deep.

Craig Baxter and Phil Cave did exceptionally well down the right and left wings respectively, considering they was making up for the work that had lacked form both Wayne Phillips and Jamie Harwood in front of them.

Phillips lack of drive was for all to see when he called for a penalty against the Ilkeston defender, no harm in doing so but when the ball was still in play in the Ilkeston box and at his feet, why shout? Play to the whistle!!

Phillips was not alone in the taxi cue, Armstrong , Southern and Harwood Never got going and when a team has half the out field players not at the races only one thing will happen and it did.

Ilkeston scored a well craft goal in which the Ilkeston player jumped and powered home a header that no keeper would have got to.

Ilkeston deserved their win and showed more passion than a lot of the
Gateshead players in this game.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will
Gateshead’s season, a defeat was always going to come and Gateshead and the fans enjoyed the unbeaten run while it lasted.

Disappointing as the defeat was, the Heed are still in a great position in the table. No
Gateshead fan would have complained at being told you will be in play off places and only suffered on defeat in this time.

Line Up and ratings:

Keen 6
Gave a penalty away

Baxter 9
Got forward and showed how it was done
Heed Army Blog Man Of The Match

Cave 9
The same as Baxter, can hold his head up high

Salvin 7
Played well

Curtis 8
Strong and reliable

Harwood 5
not sure if he is carrying a knock, if not very poor

Phillips 6
Would have been a 5 if he hadn't of scored.
Bowey 8 (Captain)
Top Draw as ever

McClen 7
Had no wingers to aim at, frustrating day for him

Southern 6
Never got motoring at all

Armstrong 6
no movement


Hughes 6
Never made a impact in midfield

Flynn 6
Solid at right back

Robson (Not Used)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ilkeston Town Preview

Gateshead entertain 17th placed Ilkeston Town on Saturday at the International Stadium, a win would see go top for the second time this season.

Ilkeston Town will be wanting to climb the table and will be firing on all cylinders to give the Heed a big head ache all over the pitch.

UniBond Premier Table

1Witton Albion10811193+1625
4Fleetwood Town97022314+921
5Eastwood Town106131310+319
6Matlock Town9522139+417
7Ossett Town11524129+317
9Lincoln United104241315-214
10Ashton United103341816+212
11Prescot Cables94051211+112
12Hednesford Town104061418-412
14Kendal Town93241114-311
16Whitby Town93151920-110
17Ilkeston Town112451219-710
18North Ferriby United112451323-1010
19Leek Town112361321-89
20Worksop Town10145716-97
21Frickley Athletic11047826-184

As reported in the Evening chronicle gateshead have signed ex East Stirling and York City Goal keeper
Scott Allison on a one month loan from Hartlepool United, Allison have been brought in the the soon to be suspended Peter Keen.

Craig Baxter is available for selection after serving his 3 match ban for his red card against Frickley last month, but will face a tough battle to replace Kris Gate (pictured) who has settled in nice at right back in baxter absense.

Hopefull another Big crowd will see the Tynesiders get back on top of the UniBond and keep the International Stadium a fortress.